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2008-12-11 19:37:37 by Glockenoverg

Posting new pivot movie (Finally a break from the music scene ;)

Idk what it'll be, so i guess you guys will have to be on our toes!

Fave Music Styles

2008-11-25 16:38:05 by Glockenoverg

OK, i can see that my "talents" are pretty good with the pop-rock, techno area. So, i wanted to try new music styles. Leave a comment on my page, or just pm me your fave music style, and i'll make a song for ya!


New Songs

2008-10-28 22:18:54 by Glockenoverg

Currently working on new songs. Please comment on the ones that i have posted so far. I'm a newgrounds surfer as well, so if you want send me your own audio,flash, or game portal submissions and i'll play/listen to them and rate.